Sunday, 16 November 2014

Donna Nook Seal Adventure...

So, the weather looked nice and foggy but dry so we thought we'd take a trip up to Donna Nook to see the beautiful seal colony that comes to give birth this time of year.

We arrived a about 9:45 and managed to park in the normal smaller carpark. The path as always was well managed. The seal wardens were friendly, helpful and lovely as always. 

There were lots of seal pups of various ages with some born in the last few hours. 

Another wonderful experience which the kids adored... (Aged 3,2 and 1).

Left around 10.40 and it was much busier with lots of queuing... People parking either side of the entrance caused chaos. :-/ still spaces in the overflow carpark. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

RSPB Freiston shore visit ... Love this place!

Highly recommend a visit to Freiston Shore!! My favourite bird watching spot in Boston.

Can't help but love Boston and the surrounding area. Taken with an iPhone last weekend but absolutely love Freiston Shore. 

It's great for a nice stroll, some fantastic photo opportunities and great views... there are LOADS of different types of birds, ducks and geese. Enjoy xx

Uh ho.... it's almost Christmas !

Almost Christmas...

So... is anyone else really feeling the Christmas spirit now? or are you still pretending it's not happening.

Christmas feels like it is truly in swing now. Most of the presents have been bought, most have been wrapped and placed in gift bags... all that's left is to label any that haven't yet got tags on.

Every year I make myself a promise that I won't have a last minute stress... and every year no matter how early I start.... I always end up with a mad rush :-/

Friday, 7 November 2014

Cleaning for company

Why is it that you invite someone over, you know they won't judge you for the way your house looks if there are a few toys here and there, a bit of paperwork on the mantelpiece or some items drying on the draining board yet we (or is it just me), feel the need to rush around like a crazy person trying to get the house to look as much like a show home as humanly possible.

Few people actually live like this once they have kids right??  PC (pre-children) our house was clean, tidy and organised. Then three little terrors came into our lives and systematically let off toy bombs in every room in the house. In fact, PC the bathroom had only relevant items, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes.... now it has 20+ bath toys, mermaids, boats, penguins and fish... also bath paints and crayons.... sponges, buckets for hair washing and steps so the little ones can reach the sink.

I don't think I realised JUST how many items a child needs* in every room. They are SOOOO small.... but they take up SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much room.

I remember I once had a bath.... in silence... with candles... music..... I remember :)

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it.... I love my family and I love my life... it's just different to what I expected. 


Monday, 3 November 2014

Rain, rain go away....

Not one to whine about the weather the garden is looking overgrown and is in need of a good weeding, chop, the lawn needs mowing and it needs a good pre-winter tidy up.

It's not just the rain keeping me snuggled inside though. The spiders do! EEEEEEeek! I have arachnophobia and unfortunately they haven't left my garden yet :( Until they do I refuse to enter the garden.

Wish me luck, hopefully it won't be much longer and I can get it all sorted, Hate it looking a mess.


Thursday, 30 October 2014


So... today we have been carving pumpkins, making a mess and making three, yes three Pumpkin Pies.

This year I followed Jamie Oliver's recipe and it was fantastic... much sweeter than my usual recipe :) The kids still didn't like it though :(

Highly recommended.... yum yum....

All photos taken by me :) unless stated otherwise.


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